How to Easily Take Out Sew In Without Damaging Your Real Hair

How to Easily Take Out Sew In Without Damaging Your Real Hair
It's safe to say we've all been there before taking out our sew in, thinking it will only be 30 mins or so and you're still going.  After an hour, you get to the point where this hair and braids are coming down by any means necessary and unfortunately that includes damaging our own hair. Some of us keep a sew in longer than we should just from the sheer fact of dreading the process of taking it down. Well ladies, here are 4 tricks and tips to easily take out that sew in without damaging our beautiful hair.
4) Ask stylist to thread sew in in a way for you to easily take down- Before you get your hair laid, think into the future of you sitting at home trying to take down your sew in out! Yikes!  It doesn't have to be a nightmare.  Talk to stylist to see if she can thread so you can simply seperate weft from braid and its a smooth way to detach thread from hair and braid.
Hair Weave Cap3.) Try a Cap- A cap is a barrier between your hair and the hair extensions.  Your real hair is braided just like a conventional sew in.  However the hair directly onto the cap versus on your braids.  After completion of sewing the hair on the cap, the cap is around the circumference of your head or where you have braided the hair.  It is one of the best ways to avoid hours of detaching the hair extensions from your braids.
2.) Use very good hair shears - Using office, kitchen or regular scissors will leave your hand in a cramp and usually too big to maneuver working your hair to cut thread.  Invest in hair scissors that will cut in one cut.  Usually just any regular scissors will result in your trying to cut the thread and you take a chunk of your real hair with it.  They are just too big to work when taking down your in.   

1.) Apply a leave in conditioner on the braids- Once you take out the extensions you will still be left with the braids.  To avoid breakage with the comb to unbraid, apply leave in condition directly on the braids before taking them down.  This will deeply give moisture and silk to your hair to make it a world of difference taking the braids out.  The hair will not be dry and vulnerable to breakage with the leave in conditioner applied.  

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